Future Projects See what my future Arduino- , Rasberry Pi- or programming projects are


Here is a list of projects I am interested in doing. They are sorted in a random fashion and therefore the order does not determine the next project.

If you know a project you would like me to perform please feel free to send me a message from the Contact page. Thank you!

The list of possible future project/posts:

  • LED light blink/buzzer using Apple Notification Center Service(ANCS) for when you get text and calls
  • Music sensitive lights using 3,5mm
  • Bed sensor controlling lights
  • Basic voice controlling(http://www.instructables.com/id/Speech-Recognition-with-Arduino/)
  • Radiocontrolled RC-car
  • Self balancing robot
  • Voice controlled robot
  • How to connect Mac Terminal to Serial device(NEW MAC TUTORIAL SECTION!)
  • A program/device where you can take pictures of your clothes and the program can randomize combinations, based on types of clothes
  • DSLR control using Arduino
  • Shut room lights and sleep Mac from bed(I’m so lazy)
  • Voice control Raspberry Pi using an Android phone
  • Clap switch room lights
  • Mini Whac-a-mole game using buttons and LED lights
  • Using a PIR motion sensor to turn on TV when entering the livingroom
  • Hook Kinect up to Raspberry Pi do some programming fun!
  • Controlling home using TV-remote and Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Here is a blog post tutorial I might use as a reference
  • ‘Don’t touch the wire’ Game using Arduino
  • Doctor Game
  • Quadracopter
  • Guide on how to overclock Raspberry Pi
  • Guide on how to to setup Raspberry Pi
  • ‘Secret knock’-lock with knock sensor
  • Raspberry Pi weather fridge docklet 
  • Guide on how to use GitHub and what it is
  • Piano using capacitive sensor and beer cans
  • Raspberry Pi camera module follow object project
  • Face recognition using Raspberry Pi

Some cool project ideas that I probably won’t do (and why)

  • Amplifier idle shutdown using a relay and Raspberry Pi. Why? After some thinking I came to the conclusion that it’s something I don’t have use for, and might take too much time.
  • A glove controller using Arduino & flex sensor(maybe with gyro and accelerometer). Why?  I don’t have the components and the flex sensors are too expensive for this small hobby project